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Virtual try-on AR tool for brands

Why Smaller Beauty Brands Need Virtual Try-on AR in 2024

Small and medium-sized beauty brands find it challenging to stand out individually. They constantly need to battle more prominent brands to stay relevant. Beauty brands, whether small, medium, or large, need constant creative inputs and tackle fierce competition to reach and attract their desired customer base. This is a difficult task since most brands tend to target the same demographic range.

However, instead of spending elaborately on marketing budgets, more and more medium and small-sized beauty brands are turning to augmented reality virtual try-on AR tools to attract customers. With virtual try-on tools, augmented reality (AR) is gradually becoming the transformative lighthouse these brands need to grow their game.

These tools, which have their roots in the immersive AR space, represent a paradigm shift by providing smaller companies with the means to survive and grow. This article by SelfStylo, a leading virtual try-on AR tool developer, will present a convincing case for why adopting AR virtual try-on tools is important for your smaller beauty firms.

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Customer Engagement at a Whole New Level

Let’s be frank. If you’re a name in the beauty segment yet to become a “brand,” AR might be the right solution for you. Small and medium-sized beauty brands can manage to balance innovation and competitiveness with virtual try-on AR tools. With their foundation in augmented reality (AR), virtual try-on tools offer game-changing options.

Virtual try-ons will let potential customers check out how your products will look on them before they buy from you. If you have a product that you believe can bring a revolution in the beauty game, then virtual try-on AR tools will make sure that they consider checking out your product even if they later choose to move on to their usual brands. In most cases, however, impressed by the quality and ease of applicability, visitors will be converted into customers.

More Accessibility in Online Shopping

If you’re yet to make a big name for yourself, then you must be dependent on e-commerce by a significant margin. A major obstacle faced by smaller cosmetic firms is the reluctance of consumers to buy products online without first testing them. If you’re selling makeup online, then this point is for you.

Virtual Try-On Tools break down this barrier by providing clients with a risk-free virtual environment in which they can test out various products. Virtual try-on AR solutions can effectively improve conversion rates for smaller firms. They do this by building confidence and trust in the online shopping experience.

Personalized Shopping Experience

Virtual Try-On AR Tools provide a highly personal buying experience that meets each customer’s demands and preferences. As a small and medium-sized business, you can provide customized product recommendations through the analysis of consumer data. 

AR tools keep account of customer preferences and can turn them into product recommendations that will make buying your brand an even more pleasant experience. This degree of personalization increases consumer happiness and strengthens brand loyalty, which is essential for smaller cosmetic brands to succeed in the long run.

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Staying Ahead of Trends

Small-scale and mid-sized brands must stay ahead of trends. Be it the viral new social media sensation or a new technological innovation. Virtual try-on AR tools are still fresh on the block, and adopting them will only allow brands to test out recent trends while showcasing their present product lines.

Small and medium-sized companies can gain a competitive edge and attract a fashion-forward consumer base by positioning themselves as trendsetters. This will also let them earn a name for enabling customers to try the newest makeup looks virtually from the comfort of their homes.

Cost-Effective Marketing Strategy

The costs associated with traditional marketing initiatives and in-person product sampling can be burdensome for smaller cosmetic firms. With virtual try-on tools, marketers can exhibit their products to a worldwide audience at a lower cost than they need to invest in ample physical resources. You can run AR marketing campaigns that are sure to attract attention.

The same goes for elaborate social media or PPC campaigns. Even if you employ the strategies mentioned earlier, you don’t need to go all guns blazing as long as you have virtual try-on AR tools as an interactive USP for your brand. Such as USP usually means that consumers will voluntarily spread the word about their virtual experiences, increasing brand recognition.

Fewer Product Returns

Smaller online cosmetics brands struggle with a high percentage of returned products due to customer discontent. To prevent this problem from recurring, virtual try-on AR tools allow customers to virtually see the product before making a purchase. This lessens the possibility of disgruntled buyers and the environmental effect of returning and discarding beauty products. This will also help your brand decrease your potential waste.

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Building Trust Through Transparency

Customers and brands can develop trust by being transparent with one another. Virtual try-on AR tools remove all doubt and ambiguity by offering a clear picture of how a thing would seem to a specific person. Establishing long-lasting client relationships and developing trust in the brand’s integrity are two vital points for expanding small and medium-sized beauty brands.

Adapting to a New Normal

Consumer behavior has significantly changed towards online purchasing and digital experiences worldwide. Virtual try-on AR tools support this change. This tool, in particular, will help small and medium-sized cosmetic brands survive and flourish in the new normal. 

Such companies can show their flexibility and dedication to satisfying the changing demands of their clientele by adopting such solutions. This will further help them maintain their position in the otherwise rewarding, sometimes brutal, beauty market.

Want to Go the Last Mile? Let SelfStylo be Your Guide

The beauty business has witnessed a significant shift due to the emergence of virtual try-on AR tools. They can provide small and medium-sized brands with advantages such as improved consumer engagement, economical marketing tactics, and improved sales for e-commerce brands.

Using these tools, beauty brands can overcome conventional obstacles, adjust to evolving market conditions, and establish a unique niche within the industry. Incorporating virtual try-on AR tools is a trendy technology and a strategic requirement for small and medium-sized beauty firms to thrive and kick punches in the digital age.

SelfStylo has helped numerous beauty brands adopt AR. We have seamlessly integrated virtual try-on AR tools onto brand apps and websites, only for the latter to witness growth in all of the arenas mentioned above. So, if you feel your brand is ready to make the final jump, get in touch with us today to get started!

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