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ar app development cost for brands

How Much Does Augmented Reality (AR) App Development Cost In 2023

AR app development cost is the main thing you need to consider while integrating tech into business. Before we elaborate on the cost of AR, let us be on the same page and understand what augmented reality is. It is an advanced technology integrated into devices such as smart glasses, smartphones, and tablets to improve user experience. Businesses can incorporate AR technology to showcase products in the 3D environment. 

You can choose from different types of augmented reality apps available to engage customers in the virtual world and boost sales. However, the exact cost of AR will depend on several factors, such as app features, complexity, etc. The more features you want in your AR app, the higher the cost. In this guide, we will reveal everything about the cost of developing an augmented reality (AR) app for your business. 

Breakdown of AR App Development Cost 

As the AR development cost depends on many factors, it becomes hard to calculate the exact cost. Here is a simple formula that will help you calculate the cost to develop the best AR app, depending on your requirements. 

Total AR app development cost = Time required to develop an AR app × Hourly charge of the developer. 

Here’s a detailed explanation of the formula: 

  • Time required to build an AR app: First, you will need to calculate the total time required for app development. For example, it may take around 250-270 hours to develop an app, depending on the complexity. 
  • Hourly charge of the developer: Next, you need to understand the hourly rate of the developer. For instance, let’s say the cost is around $50 per hour. 

Once you know both of these crucial points, you can calculate the cost by multiplying them. 

Example: If the time required is 250 hours and the charge per hour is $50, the total cost would be 250 × 50 = $12,500.

Note: This is a rough calculation and will vary depending on the developer’s charges, the time required, the complexity of the app, the length of the development process, and the features. It’s better to consult a team of AR developers to understand the cost of AR app development. 

Things to Consider for Building AR App in 2023

According to Global Market Estimates, the beauty and fashion industry will grow at a CAGR of 25.5% from 2022 to 2027. The reason is that AR helps users with store-like experiences. Here are a few main reasons why fashion and beauty retailers are adopting the tech: 

  • The mobile augmented reality tools help customers try makeup and other cosmetic products in a contactless way. 
  • By adding content to the user’s environment and helping them visualize the products, AR apps boost confidence. 
  • Many fashion brands are investing in different types of AR apps for marketing and advertising to attract a broader audience base and boost sales. 

Now that you know the benefits of AR, you might be thinking of building the application. However, it’s essential to understand that you need an expert team to develop apps and enter the artificial world. Here are a few simple things you need to keep in mind before planning for AR app development. 

Perform In-Depth Market Research 

First things first, before you start, you’ll need to perform in-depth market research. You can begin the process by analyzing some similar augmented reality applications on the App Store or Google Play Store. 

Download the application that suits your requirement and check the features. Note down the features where you feel there’s room for improvement. Make sure you don’t miss checking the UI/UX, features, and performance of top AR apps to build an excellent experience for your users. 

Create A List Of Your Requirements 

Once you have the market knowledge, it’s time to follow the next step. First of all, you need to write the features you want to include. For instance, if you want to improve marketing with AR technology, consider an app that helps create AR filters for social media apps

Next, choose the type of app you want to create, such as marker-based AR, markerless AR software, location-based AR, or superimposition. Remember, the type of AR application plays a vital role in determining the app development cost. 

Define Proper Development Cost 

The AR app development cost depends on the process you follow. You can either hire a team of AR developers or a company for your project. Make sure you explain your requirements in detail and finalize the cost. 

Creating an app from scratch is a time-consuming and lengthy experience. That’s why most fashion brands prefer integrating a pre-built app that can be customized to their needs. SelfStylo is one of the best AR applications for makeup brands. The clean UI and UX interface help users try hundreds of brand products with a few clicks, helping the brand sell more products and generate better revenue. 

How To Build An AR App In Your Budget? 

Building an AR app from scratch can be an expensive endeavor. That’s why it’s best to consider integrating a pre-built customizable application into your business. 

SelfStylo is a smart AR technology that boosts customer engagement, improves sales, and reduces unnecessary costs. 

The custom pricing of the app ensures you can leverage the power of tech without spending out of your pocket. Here are a few ways how SelfStylo helps beauty and fashion brands. 

  • Reduce product returns by helping shoppers try makeup products with a few clicks. 
  • Eliminate the high cost of in-store staff and inventory. 
  • Enhance product interactivity while allowing customers to share makeovers on different social media channels. 
  • Multiplies the conversion rate and helps brands upsell/cross-sell products to a broader audience market. 

There are many more features and benefits of choosing a customizable AR app — SelfStylo over building your own augmented reality tool. To learn more about features, schedule a free demo with SelfStylo experts. 

Build An AR App For Your Fashion Business Today

Augmented reality is viewed as a technology that is impacting every service and industry. AR can help businesses improve customer service, build products that align with user demands, and increase sales. If you are building an AR app, it’s crucial to test it thoroughly before moving to the final stage. 

Remember, augmented and virtual reality is the new future and also an integral part of the modern business world. You need expert guidance to enter the augmented world and leverage its benefits. If you are a makeup and cosmetic brand wanting to leverage the tech, schedule a free demo with SelfStylo AR experts. Instead of paying for a high AR app development cost, you can integrate SelfStylo into your business and boost sales.