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smart makeup mirror tutorial

Smart Makeup Mirror Tutorial For Brands: Virtual Makeup Guide

Smart makeup mirrors or virtual mirrors powered by augmented reality are becoming integral to retail stores. This tutorial reveals what smart mirrors are, how they work, and why brands should integrate them in 2023. 

Driving to the beauty store, physically testing the makeup products, and deciding which cosmetics to buy have become a thing of the past. With recent inventions and advancements in technology, customers prefer shopping and trying products at the convenience of their homes. 

AR-based smart beauty mirrors enable customers to try products anytime and anywhere using mobile, web, or in-store. Many beauty and cosmetics brands are launching AR and AI makeup mirror software to boost engagement and drive sales. Keep reading to discover if a virtual makeup try-on tool is worth the investment in 2023.  

What is a Smart Mirror in Retail Stores?

Smart makeup mirrors in retail stores are one of the significant advancements in the augmented reality and artificial intelligence world. It’s like a new, fun, innovative, and interactive way to help customers try makeup products using their smartphones. 

Research reveals that virtual mirrors in retail are becoming an important tool to attract customers as they offer ease of trying clothes and improved hygiene for cosmetics. For this reason, the global virtual mirror market size is expected to witness a CAGR of 25.6% from 2019 to 2025. 

The virtual makeup apps and mirrors detect the customer’s facial characteristics using face-recognition technology. It, then, helps customers virtually try on and play with different makeup hues without physically applying the makeup shades. 

How Do Smart Mirrors Work in Retail? 

An AR-powered smart makeup mirror tool works by overlaying cosmetics products on a customer’s face. The feature-rich makeup mirrors on the market ensure customers get a realistic makeup visualization. In addition, consumers can enjoy real-time makeup looks, all thanks to the powerful rendering technology. Here are a few things that smart mirrors help with: 

  • The built-in photo-taking feature of the smart beauty mirror helps customers click, save, and share their pictures. 
  • Real-time customer analytics obtained help fashion brands gain insights into customer journeys. 
  • The touchscreen feature of the makeup mirror offers interactive controls. Users can swipe to browse products and tap to apply them on their faces. 

Brands are launching AR makeup applications for mobile and virtual mirrors for in-store to add convenience to retail shopping. These advanced technology apps offer a try-before-you-buy experience to users, helping them visualize products before buying. 

Capabilities of Smart Makeup Mirrors 

Every makeup enthusiast understands the constant struggle to find the right makeup shade. It becomes extra daunting for people who blend two shades of foundation or love trying different makeup combos to choose the right makeup. 

This is why it becomes so important to explore the AR and AI capabilities of smart mirrors. These virtual mirrors are designed to help you try hundreds of different makeup shades and simplify the decision-making process. 

Here are the different features or capabilities of smart or virtual mirrors: 

  • Lipstick virtual try-on 
  • Blush virtual try-on 
  • Foundation finder 
  • Complete eye makeup try-on 
  • Eyebrow virtual reshape 

What Are the Benefits of Virtual Mirrors? 

Before investing in any technology, it’s crucial to understand how it can benefit you. Here are a few benefits of smart makeup mirrors for brands and customers. 

For Brands 

  • Increased Sales: Magic makeup mirrors offer personalized recommendations or help pair products with already purchased items to boost sales for brands. Some virtual offers help customers with makeup tutorials in the virtual world, so customers can become their own makeup artists. 
  • Better Customer Insights: Retailers can get a better idea of makeup enthusiasts through the valuable data obtained by the tool. Brand owners can check products used by customers during the smart makeup mirror tutorial and learn why the purchase was not made. 
  • Reduced Returns: When customers cannot see a product before buying, it generally leads to product returns. AR smart makeup mirrors solve the problem of retailers by helping users visualize their flawless makeup in the virtual world. 
  • Better Customer Experience: Online shopping is continuously evolving, and customers prefer convenient, faster, and easier shopping methods. Magic mirrors help retailers meet the changing needs of the consumer. 

For Customers 

  • Faster & Convenient Shopping: With smart makeup mirrors, customers can enjoy a faster and more convenient shopping experience. Instead of standing in long queues, they can try products using magic mirrors. 
  • Eliminate Need to Visit Dressing Rooms: Most customers hate trying products in small, cramped changing rooms. AR virtual dressing rooms eliminate the need to visit stores to try on clothes or other products. 
  • Personalized Recommendations: Customers prefer a smart beauty mirror application with customized product recommendations and makeup advice. Some AI and AR virtual mirrors understand customer behavior and preferences to help them create their best makeup looks. 

If you are a beauty and cosmetic brand owner planning to roll out a top-rated AR virtual try-on tool, consider investing in SelfStylo. It’s an on-the-go, easy-to-use, and feature-rich makeup application that offers realistic makeup looks to customers. Integrating the virtual try-on tool will reduce the bounce rate for online visitors, increase session length, and boost conversions for brands. 

Implement AR Apps in Your Retail Store 

Online customers often find it intimidating to explore the entire collection of products on the brand’s website. They are likely to leave the website if they can’t find beauty products that match their needs. 

With the integration of the virtual makeup try-on tool, customers can browse through hundreds of different makeup shades on mobile or the web. They can apply makeup with the proper brightness and other appropriate light settings to see the products before investing their money. 

The selfie-focused camera experience, exclusive branded AR filters, and novelty of virtual try-on technology let brands hold customers’ attention for longer. SelfStylo is one of the best and feature-rich AR applications for cosmetics brands. You can integrate the AR smart makeup mirror into your business website or in-store and attract digitally native customers to your brand.